EP Expo Aug 24/25 in San Diego

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Close Protection Conference testimonials:

 Aaron Kackman

Gregory Sirko


Morgan Harris

 Vince Levy

Hard Skills Intensive:

class 232 testimonial 2

Gregory Price

Dominic Cattera

John Berry

 Mark Attallah

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HSI branded 21

HSI Henry testimonial

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HSI Testimonials Alex

Training Day 

128 MO preview

138 LEAGE LIVE preview

168 EPL LEAGU LIVE preview

170 LEAGUE LIVE-EPL podcast preview

Cody Canipe

EPTD Testimonial compilation

EPTD Testimonial highlight



Micheal R EPTD

Ricardo testimonial


Vincent Levy Testimonial

Training Day / 2023 EPTD Testimonials

Elizabeth Forester

George Williams

Gregory Sirko

Javier Bowen

Jeffrey Webb

Levi Pyper

Mark Duemmel Jr

Mykael Gampon

Tricia Morrow

Training Day / Live meeting Highlights


1.25.23 League Live

10.02.23 LEAGUE LIVE

11.03.22 League live highlights

11.22.22 League live highlights

13.01.23 LEAGUE LIVE

19.01.23 League LIVE

19.04.2023 Legue live

2022-08-24 League Live

2023-03-02  LEAGUE LIVE 

2023-03-15 LEAGUE LIVE 

30.03.2023 League Live


LEAGE LIVE 05.17.22

LEAGUE LIVE 02.15.22

League Live 03.03.22

League live 08.09.22

League Live 18.04.22

League Live 6.02.22

League Live 6.03.22

League Live 6.14.22

League live 7.8.22

League live highlight 29.03.24

LEAGUE LIVE highlights 2.2.22

Live Q&A 10.13.21

Live Q&A 11.5.21

Live Q&A 12.16.21

Live Q&A 2.10.21

Live Q&A 2.24.21

Live Q&A 3.8.21

Live Q&A 4.22.21

Live Q&A 4.8.21

Live Q&A 7.26.21

Live QA 12.10.20

Live QA 5.25.21

Live QA 6.8.11

Q&A 3.26.21

"Because of this program I was able to land a great job!" - Tyler Novae

"Because of this program I was able to land a great job!" - Tyler Novae

Jonathan Childs

Frederic Missant

Devin Taylor

Dino Mora