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EP Masterclass
Online Course
  • Experience Level: Intermediate to Expert
  • Content: 18 Online Modules with 25+ Hours of Training
  • Certification: Upon Completion
This is where you take your private security skills to the next level.

Learn from over a dozen of the World's most highly respected and sought after subject matter experts, covering a wide range of extremely valuable insights and career-specific training that very few in the industry ever have the opportunity to access.

The content is delivered in a self-paced format allowing you to learn and apply this knowledge regardless of your current work schedule.

Training includes the following subjects:

  • Byron Rodgers: “Social Dynamics in Executive Protection”
  • Jerry Jacobs: “Harnessing The Leadership Quotient”
  • Christian West: “Building Your Brand”
  • Elijah Shaw: “International Travel for Executive Protection Professionals”
  • Caleb Gilbert: “Developing Your Professional Career”
  • Aaron Mauldin: “Tailoring Your Resume For The Corporate Security Industry”
  • Anton Kalaydjian: “Leadership"
  • Mac Segal: “Risk Assessments"
  • Jackie Davis: “Brand Management In The CP/EP World”
  • ​Pablo Ortiz: “The Security Driver Mindset”
  • IIya Umanskiy: “7 Domains of Competence”
  • Mary Beth Wilkas Janke: “Stalkers 101, 201, 301”
  • Steve Summerville: “Use Of Force"
  • Sentimental Security: “Exposure To Liability”
  • Ami Toben: “Surveillance Detection”
  • Joseph LaSorsa: “Tactical Vehicle Setup”
  • Tomislav Pahljina: “Yacht Security Operations”
  • Miranda Coppoolse: "Where Security, Risk & Human Behavior Intersect"
This is where you take your private security skills to the next level.

Learn from over a dozen of the World's most highly respected and sought after subject matter experts, covering a wide range of extremely valuable insights and career-specific training that very few in the industry ever have the opportunity to access.

The content is delivered in a self-paced format allowing you to learn and apply this knowledge regardless of your current work schedule.

Byron Rodgers

During my time in the military, I served in the United States Marine Corps infantry with two deployments to Iraq as a Squad Leader for four years. Right afterward, I became an Executive Protection Agent.

Today, I proudly serve as the Chief Executive Officer at Bravo Research Group, a private security company out of Southern California. I’m the founder of Protector Nation, a training company for first responders, private security professionals and civilians designed to help good people become more dangerous.

I own and operate my own executive protection school and training organization called The League of Executive Protection Specialist, where I help private security professionals take their careers to the next level. 
A lot of people say that success is "all about who you know". But that is not entirely accurate, success has a lot more to do with Who Knows You... That is why being a member of an elite inter-industry networking group is so beneficial to your career. It provides you with unlimited opportunities for finding new details, new opportunities and expanding your influence within this tight knit community.
lifetime membership
Pay Plans Available
  • Go At Your Own Pace with 24/7 Online Access
  • Lifetime Access to The League's Private Networking Group
  • Direct Access To Byron Rodger's Live Training Zoom Sessions
  • Preferred Discounts To Advanced Training Opportunities

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1. How much time is required to complete the Certification Program?
The training is designed to allow anyone to move at their own pace. generally speaking, students will complete 1-2 modules per week and complete the entire program in 3-4 weeks. The Certification test at the end can be completed in less than 2 hours.
2. Are there any other costs associated with this program?
No. There are no hidden or on-going costs involved with this certification program.
3. What if I have questions or need help?
As a member of the Program, you will have direct access to support via our online knowledge database that contains a wide variety of searchable content, direct access to our technical department, and we host Live Q&A sessions inside our private Facebook group on a regular basis.
4. Are there any long term commitments involved?
Absolutely not. We've designed this program to meet the needs for students of all levels of engagement. Some just want to become more educated and others want to develop multiple six-figure careers in the executive protection industry.
5. Do I already have to be in the industry to take this course?
No. The materials are designed for any experience level. The content is most suited for those who are specifically interested in advancing their careers and gaining a deeper understanding of how to build a long term, profitable career in the industry. The amount of revenue you generate will be in direct proportion to the time, energy, and effort you apply. Upon completing the Certification program and passing the Certification test, you will have everything you need to immediately deploy the tools and training to secure paying clients and being generating transactions with customers.

The sooner you complete the course, the sooner you can get into the market and begin applying these advanced skill sets.
6. Does it matter what country I live in?
No. This Executive Protection training has been applied to thousands of students in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, America, United Kingdom, all over Europe, North and South America. We have students around the world and the program has been proven to work worldwide.
7. How does this program differ from other executive protection training programs?
The Executive Protection Training Day Program is unique because it specifically was designed to fill in the missing gaps that so many other programs where missing. A majority of the industry training is presented in 1-2 day live training classes. Although these are great and have their place, the problem is that a majority of students leave with very little information retention. It's usually a ton of information in a very short period of time and then it's over.

This program is online and segmented in a way that allows our students to learn the training via video and then be able to access the content again, anytime- on demand.
8. I can't afford this training right now, is there anything you can do for me?
Yes. We can offer you a payment plan so that you can pay this off over time.

And if you can't afford a payment plan, then you stand the most to benefit from this program. If not being able to invest in your own career and ability to increase your name in the industry bothers you- then you have to somehow break that cycle of scarcity.

You need to eliminate the thought “I can't afford this” and instead replace it with “How can I afford this”.

You need to get creative and think of how you can find the money. There's credit cards, loans, parents, friends, family, you could even sell something and use the money from that. Don't just use that excuse, get creative and start thinking of ways that you can make this work. With the payment plan we offer you can get started today for just $499. That's all the money you need to get started right now, today.
9. How much time do I need to take this program? Can I do this with a full time job?
Yes it will work for you. We understand that most people are very busy and have full time jobs, families, commutes and hardly any free time. We designed this program so that you can work through it even if you're hard pressed for time. You can listen to the trainings while driving, on the bus or even at your job with headphones in. It doesn't matter what your schedule is like, if you can set aside at least 2 hours per week you will be able to work your way through it.

Even if you can't start right away…reserve your spot and go at your own pace. These lessons aren't live, they're pre-recorded and available online inside our training portal. You can login whenever you want, on your own time and on your own schedule. If you're wondering about the Q&A calls, those are Live and we record and archive all of them.
10. Beyond the increased knowledge and skill sets, are there any other benefits for taking this certification program?
Absolutely. This program not only empowers you with expert level skill sets that are literally unavailable through any other training program, but it also gets you access to future advanced training, live events, and even job opportunities that are exclusive to only the trained agents of this program.

Through this program you will acquire an expert level understanding of executive protection skills, the system for standing out as a true specialist, the tools for interviewing effectively, and the understanding for operating in the field as a 1st in class professional.

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